Gravlax Salmon

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Gravlax Salmon

Premium Sea farmed salmon from the Marlborough sounds
Air-dried, infused basil gravlax based on a traditional recipe from Norway
Hand sliced and ready to eat

Premium Sea farmed Gravlax Salmon by Holy Smoke
Serving Suggestions: 

Open the pack and serve as flat slices or use a standard kitchen fork, prick an edge of a slice and roll the slice around the fork, place onto a serving plate and repeat for a stunningly, even presentation.

$14.00 GST incl
Delivery to rural addresses is by special arrangement only, please phone us first on 03 943 2222
Gravlax on a salad
Add our Salmon Gravlax to any salad to bring it to life. Here is a delicious Potato, Corquette, Cucumber, Herb and Caper Salad drizzled with a creamy ranch dressing.