Cold Smoked Salmon

Cold Smoked Salmon

Premium Sea farmed salmon from the Marlborough sounds
Air-dried, traditionally manuka slow cold-smoked, and boneless.
No additives, just a little salt.
Hand sliced and ready to eat.

Cold Smoked Salmon by Holy Smoke
Serving Suggestions: 

Open the pack and serve as flat slices or use a standard kitchen fork, prick an edge of a slice and roll the slice around the fork, place onto a serving plate and repeat for a stunningly , even presentation.
Garnish with cracked pepper if desired.

Coldsmoke on a salad dish
The key to this dish is for everything to be really fresh. Take some lettuce, red onion and beetroot and toss it together in a light dressing. Then sprinkle on some chunky parmesan cheese, croutons and lastly lay on the salmon.