Deli Recipe


  • Set up a tailor-made Smokehouse to provide an artisan handmade range of gentle manuka smoked products.
  • Accept being the preferred supplier of many chefs nation-wide for over 15 years.
  • Offer our range of product to you, the home chef to provide easy and fast catering.
  • Point out that apart from our amazing double smoked air dried bacon all of our products can be served straight from the packet, ready to eat.
  • Warm our hot smoked salmon if you prefer or eat cold.


  • Be prepared for your family and guests to immediately appreciate the delicate flavours only achieved from small batch gentle smoking using age old traditional methods.
  • Recommend you consider the free freight option especially given the generous fridge keeping dates and that all product can be frozen very successfully if you so desire.
  • Invite you to check out our product range instore, or online by clicking here
  • Plan some exciting easy meals for your family and your upcoming catering events
  • Prepare to be happy with your choice and let your taste buds sing.